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- POX - s/t TAPE. Great noise punk from Oslo.
- Loud? - s/t TAPE.
- Temple - The Conscience of the King TAPE.
- Wolf Shaped Clouds/Angst - split TAPE.
- Wade - Full Fuck 7". Really awesome UK MO featuring members of Sunday League.
- Caust - Mass Graves (We Would Be Better Off) TAPE.
- Adaje - Yore Veils TAPE. Adaje was a screamo band. Seven songs of spacey, swirling, and often chaotic screamo. Some parts remind me of Cease Upon the Capitol, but with more screeching and some back and forth vocals.
- Spirit Night - One Man Houses TAPE. The record is a whiplash left turn from the introspective bummer-rock of "What We Will Be" and earlier singles, but Dylan Balliett's liquor-soaked notebook lyrics and distinctive jangle are still intact . All of this pent-up fury is backed up by the band's lo-fi approach to making a raw and straightforward album, recorded entirely in basements around Pittsburgh and West Virginia.
- Studying - Sophomoronic TAPE. Studying was a band of sad dudes. They broke up a while ago, as emo bands normally do. This is their first full length and final release. Eight songs ranging from pretty guitars and sad lyrics to faster songs with some pretty crazy screeching.
- The Island of Mistift Toys - Furiouser & Furiouser TAPE. The Island of Misfit Toys is a folk-ish band from Illinois. Normally, they play with a lot of members and a wide variety of instruments. This EP takes a more 'basic' approach, and the result is a much more stripped down and raw take on the band.
- Osier Bed - Do You Think I'm Spooky? TAPE. Osier Bed are a riffy emo band from Willimantic, CT. "Do You Think I'm Spooky?" is their impressive follow up to 2009(10?)'s "Live at Resurrection Cemetery."
- The Whoopass Girls - s/t TAPE. The Whoopass Girls are an emo band from Montana. The recordings are rough and the songs are unpolished and messy. Very raw, very emo. They remind me a lot of 90s emo bands. Lyrics about girls and being sad and the like.
- Your Neighbour The Liar - s/t TAPE. YNTL is a scottish emo band. This tape is a collection of their first two EPs, a song from a split, and a live B-side. Twinkly guitars, bummer lyrics, really catchy tunes that get stuck in your head. These guys are so damn good! Check this out for sure!
- Elk Blood — The Castration EP TAPE. UK Post-hardcore with emo and screamo elements.
- V/A - Consonance 4-Way Split TAPE. This split contains 4 fantastic bands from different parts of Asia! Blue Friend, Sjanse, Pathos and Virginia on Duty are all amazing bands, playing everything from twinkly emo to the most chaotic emo violence you'll find. Great stuff!
- Kittyhawk - s/t TAPE. Chicago’s Kittyhawk play a mix of 90s-esque emo and indie pop that is both catchy and extremely sad at the same time. The members of Kittyhawk are all in other bands, most notably singer Kate Grube, who is part of Into It. Over It.’s live band. Their self-titled EP is full of melancholy emo tunes contrasted with just the right amount of upbeat, fun indie.
- Tawny Peaks - s/t TAPE. Tawny Peaks have a great sound, heavily influenced by Midwestern-emo bands like American Football and God’s Reflex. A few things set Tawny Peaks apart from many of the other bands currently playing this kind of music. They are able to combine a wide range of influences, building on the basic sound of the genre to create intricate, catchy, and passionate music that is not quite like anything else out there
- Places We Slept - s/t TAPE.
Places We Slept are from omaha and sound like cap n jazz/promise ring mixed with stuff like beach fossils. Really awesome stuff, lo-fi and emo all at once.
- Seyed - Thaerstrasse 16 TAPE.
Seyed is jon from facel vega playing really nice acoustic guitar, maybe a bit like John Fahey.
- La Boite Diabolique - s/t 7".
the new band from what price wonderland guys playing weird post punk inspired emo, pretty poppy too.
- Child Meadow - Crispy BBQ Tofu Burger TAPE. Really awesome french emo, absolutely a must for anyone who enjoys Daïtro, Sed Non Satiata or Mihai Edrisch.
- Wrestling - For You, Anything TAPE. Big and energetic, it's a definite step away from the scrappy lo-fi sound of the first EP, but doesn't lose any of the fun.
- These Branches/Cycle Schmeichel split TAPE. Split featuring a couple of the best UK bands going right now- Weymouth's Cycle Schmeichel and New Jersey's These Branches.
- High Pop - Hippie Speedball TAPE.
- Hot Mess - Dude Machine TAPE.
- SZKN - The Present TAPE.
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